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Art of Morgan Warren

Return to Saturn Original Painting

Return to Saturn Original Painting

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”Return to Saturn”

Acrylic on Wood (cut and painted by me)

Approximately 23inx18in

Return to Saturn is a portrayal of cosmic creation, the mother of dimensions pouring the universe into existence. Growing up in a religion that portrayed God as a masculine figure, and women being programmed since birth to believe they are lesser than man or made from a portion of the man is absolutely ridiculous to me. We have the portals between our legs that bring life into this world and I want to portray that in my art. Truly, I don’t believe the creator is an encapsulation of masculine or feminine energy for it is in perfect harmonization of both. But living in a male dominated world it’s important to show my daughters the power of their femininity through my art. I chose to make this painting a tribute to Saturn because the lovely planet is actually loosing its rings. 

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